eMagic One – An eVTOL that really works


Vertical take-off and landing is a hot topic. All-electric propulsion is another. With the unique eMagic One we have created an eVTOL with superior properties. The tandem wing aircraft is designed from scratch and has excellent flight characteristics. All components, as electric drives, batteries and control systems, are exclusively designed and optimized for eMagic One.

Extremely lightweight design of the airframe and all components and highest power and energy densities are the key to success.

New Design & Development

All key components are exclusively designed and optimized for eMagic One

Airframe and Aerodynamics

Tandem wing aircraft with excellent flight characteristics

High Power Electric Motor and Controller

Halbach Magnet Motors and Field Oriented Controller (FOC)

Electronic Pilot Monitor EPM

Control all sensors and gauges with one single monitor

Heavy Duty Batteries and BMS

Independent systems: High energy density packs for cruise and high power density packs for hover

High Performance Propellers

Optimized propellers for cruise a hover

Certified & Patent Pending

The unique features are protected by patents and registered trademark


Carbon Honeycomb Structure
Integrated Kevlar Safety Monocoque
Shock Absorbing Carbon Landing Gear
Autopilot for Hoverflight
Two Independent Battery Systems 4 + 8 Packs
Elevons & High Efficiency Spades
Ballistic Parachute Rescue System

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Technical Details

The unique aircraft design leads to superior properties. The concept of combining an aircraft with a multicopter  gives five times the range compared with a pure multicopter.


Wingspan       7,68 m / 25.2 ft
Lenght             7,2 m / 23.6 ft
Height              2,15 m / 7 ft
Wing Area        14,145 m² / 152 ft²
Load Factor     +4g/-2g


Cruise Speed      144 km/h / 78 kn
Max Speed           170 km/h / 92 kn
Never Excd.Spd. 200 km/h / 110 kn
Stall Speed             74 km/h / 40 kn


Empty Weight   255 kg / 562 lbs
MTOW                   420 kg / 882 lbs


Flight      1x 40 kW / 2200 rpm
Hover      8x 15 kW / 1800 rpm


Cruise Flight   up to 60 min
Hover Flight    up to 4 min

Our Team

This is our core team. We are supported by a network of friends and their companies:

Matthias Strieker (Silence Aircraft GmbH)

Thomas Strieker (Leviora Leichtbaumanufaktur)

Richard Krüger-Sprengel (Helix Carbon GmbH)

Hans-Joachim Droste (Droste Ingenieure GmbH)

Joachim Geiger (Geiger Engineering)

Rolf Zimmermann (Ingenieurbüro Zimmermann)

… and many others

Michael Kügelgen

Co-founder & CEO

Graduate mechanical engineer, pilot for 45 years, authorization for wing and helicopter, development of numerous manned and unmanned flight systems. Founded MK Technology 25 years ago, specializing in special machine construction.

Highlight: Development and construction of the automatic production line investment casting for the US company SpaceX for the production of rockets and rocket engine parts. Construction of the world’s largest steam autoclave with 12 m height and 65 tons empty weight.

At eMagic responsible for aerodynamic design, construction of the aircraft and flight testing.

Thomas Senkel

Co-founder & CEO

Graduate physicist, development of lightweight and extremely powerful electric drives for vehicles and aircraft.

Highlight: 2011 first manned copter flight, numerous awards, foundation of the company Volocopter. 2015 exit and privatization.

At eMagic responsible for propulsion system, battery technology and flight attitude control, flight testing hover platform.

Moritz Pfletschinger

Software Development

Master of electrical engineering and information technology, embedded software development

At eMagic responsible for all software development in C/C++ (battery management system, pilot assistance system) and flight controller optimization

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